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HOA Services

Day-to-Day Operations
• Assist with coordination of board of directors meetings and HOA general meetings
• Manager will attend up to 2 regular board meetings per year upon request, and will provide all necessary correspondence in the form of a Board Packet that corresponds with the ongoing issues and the agenda of the meeting
• Prepare and distribute Meeting Minutes for Association meetings (minutes supplied by HOA)
• Assist the Association with establishing rules and regulations as needed
• Help enforce the Association’s Covenants, Conditions, And Restrictions (CC&R)
• Assist with legal services against non-payers
• Handle homeowner complaints and assist to resolve conflicts
• Schedule necessary maintenance and upkeep to maintain the property

Financials & Accounting
• Collect all association dues, special assessments, and fees
• Excess funds deposited into an operating account opened and maintained by HOA
• Payment of HOA bills on a monthly recurring basis. (ex: utilities, vendors)
• Enforcement of Association’s Delinquency and Collection Policy up to and including the filing of a lien (Cost of lien filing, attorney if needed and procedures are an HOA expense)
• We maintain internal accounting for the Association
• We provide monthly owner statements, including 24/7 online access to prior statements
• We will assist the Board of Directors with preparing a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, as well as a capital expense plan and P&L projection as needed

Administrative Services
Record Keeping: We will maintain full corporate records including insurance, tax returns, reviews and secretary of state filings, paid bills, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cancelled checks, board resolutions, and meeting minutes as supplied by HOA.
Escrow: Manager will provide escrow with up to date account balances for the unit being sold and will manage the transition of information regarding buyer and seller for the Association’s records (Manager will charge a transfer fee for this service), in addition manager may provide all necessary certifications and governing documents to escrow at the sole cost of the selling owner.
Other: Examples might be collecting information from owners regarding Architectural Review Committee requirements (Manager may charge an additional fee for this service).
Vendors & Employees: We will oversee and direct contracted vendors of the Association as directed by the Board. Manager will assist in evaluating performance and value of these vendors from time to time. Manager will hire and fire as necessary.
Project Quotes: We will obtain quotes for contracts or special projects as needed by the Association. We advise to use only licensed, bonded, and insured vendors with proven track records.
Maintenance Emergencies: We will provide a call service for maintenance emergencies (Service fee, cost of vendors required to service the property will be billed to Association at their respective rates).

If your organization is interested in our services, please contact us for a no obligation quote!